South India Pilgrimage 
    February 2023 | 10 days TBA

journey to three sacred spaces...

Into the Heart of the Holy City of Temples


A dream of Kerala 


Auroville & Pondicherry 

10 day Pilgrimage, South India 

In the new year of 2023, a select group of 12-max are invited to join Shelley and Bruno on an extraordinary pilgrimage to embark on a heartfelt 10 day journey that is as much about the 'inward" journey' as the outward one.

By joining us on this unique traveling retreat pilgrimage throughout South India, you are stepping into the care and knowledge of experienced guides and expert navigators.

Both of your guides have a unique and deep resonance with India, traveling to these sacred destinations for twenty years. Bruno is an antique art collector and dealer who has traveled around the world, but India every year for his business but also for his devotion to his own spiritual lineage with ties to yogi's in Tiruvannamalai, Pondicherry and Kerala. Their combined knowledge and experience offers authentic tastes of being a pilgrim versus a tourist.  You will be invited to unique temples and we will share stories, mythos behind in the history of the temples as well as how to enter and exist with as much respect and awareness.  We will hike mountains that have the names of Gods-Goddesses-Deities with ancient caves that many practiced mediation and renunciation. 

Tiruvannamalai is at the cave of the Heart. A sacred place where the 'Fire Lingam of Shiva' (Cosmic Consciousness ) is found in the main Temple. This temple honors the nine planets and lies at the feet of the Holy Mount. Arunachala. Tiruvannamalai is known for is powerful presence as a city of temples and during the full moon walking around the mountain. One's eyes are feasted upon a different way of seeing life. We will share the full moon legends and help you to discover the history around its many layers.


Pondicherry is a breath of fresh air as we dive into the ocean of renewal, enjoy the culture, art, cafes and dining in the classic White Ave. We will visit some of the most prevalent ashrams and end in the fascinating intentional community of Auroville.  There will be opportunities to swim in the ocean, book a massage or Ayurveda treatments, hike mountains, enjoy South Indian cuisine as well as plenty of time and support for self-reflection and contemplation.

Kerala, is a deeper dive into the other side of south India where we stay at Ananda Ashram and share in the activities, practices and the delight of this community devoted to the bliss - ananda in everyone who pilgrims there, this place is sure to provide a rare and unique view of a powerful lineage.




A small, holy mountain town in the state of Tamil Nadu. Tiruvannamalai is one of India's spiritual epicentres. Practitioners from all corners of spiritual practice meet here at the base of Mountain Arunachala - the Siva mountain, to retreat and pay homage at the many temples and ashrams nearby.


Anandashram is a spiritual retreat located in Kanhangad, a city and a municipality in Kasaragod district in the Indian state of Kerala. Anandashram was founded by Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai, also called Papa Ramdas and Pujya


A fascinating look at the French colonial influence in India. This contemporary Indian city is host to wonderful restaurants, cafes, and artistic expression. The experimental township of Auroville is a living example of an intentional community working together to reach human unity. 




Bruno Busnel has traveled to India for over eighteen years as an art dealer and devotional practitioner.

When he is not in India, Bruno lives in the south of France with his two children in a enchanted farmhouse surrounded with nature.


He lives on the spiritual path in everyday reality and shows India through  Drawing from a crazy wisdom and tantric path, he merries everyday life with a fiery inner intention to know God. India is mysteriously connected and a place he would call his true home. 

Shelley and Bruno met in India in 2019 where they both discovered a mutual appreciation for the same three sacred pilgrimage sites in the south. Shelley joined Bruno's group in 2019 which inspired this 2023 - 10 day pilgrimage. This is a unique and rare opportunity to see and experience India. 

Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram 

Bruno & Shelley's collaboration began during a spiritual pilgrimage in South India. As Tantric practitioners for twenty years, Bruno and Shelley draw from their unique experiences to share a space in which to ignite the inner fire. They equally invoke spontaneity in their teachings, where everything is harnessed as potentials for transformation, allowing for love to reside in the heart.

The spectrum of flavours that this Tantra offers is limitless. Steeped in sahaja yoga (- sahaja yoga - indicate disciples' belief that union with the divine is the birthright of each individual. Sahaja can also be translated as 'spontaneous') crazy wisdom, vajrayana buddhism, esoteric hinduism, sufism, kashmir shaivism, Bauls of Bengal, Jungian analysis and the 4th name some of the main threads in their tapestry of offerings.

We offer fresh new perspectives to practicing and how to integrate the teachings into everyday life, holding space for the highest potentials of each individual being to emerge naturally in the process of alchemical transformation. This work is like a labyrinth, where there are pathways of both shadow and light, entries and exits and the 'spaces in-between' form and formlessness, in between your thoughts, emotional experiences... Tantra is about transformation of relationship. A deepening of relationship to the manifestations of the Spirit and pure unequivocal enjoyment, delight in being alive with what is...


Open your heart to ancient mythologies, Hatha-Vinyasa and therapeutic yoga asana practices. Mixed with dance, chanting, meditation, pranayama to engage with the subtle energies. Engagement in ritual, sacred art and dharma discussions around the vast lineages and teachings of Tantra.

During this retreat is the full auspicious 'Guru Purnima' moon (or Poornima).  This unique full moon is a time to celebrate the feast of masters, spiritual teachers, artistic or academic masters and lineages. According to mythology, the Supreme guru begins to teach the seven sages during the full moon day, thus giving the possibility for humanity to evolve spiritually and develop its own knowledge.   

Pricing & Itinerary TBA


*Does not include transportation to and from India


This price covers the cost of all accommodation and transportation for the duration of the trip.

All meals are included. Yoga practices & private consultations included.

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