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   Yoga of Life Mentorship is inspired by mentoring students and teachers for over twenty years. With a background in social work, psychology, environmental and gender studies coupled with teaching yoga and working with several Tantric Masters over the years, I have cultivated a strong inner life to serve others.


   This capacity to serve is manifesting into working more with individuals on-one-on who are seeking to be with who they are in their beingness with both the shadow and light. To fully embrace the gifts of our strengths and vulnerabilities equally and to act from that place of awareness. To accept where they are with the inner transformation and absorption of what they know and value the unknown in the paradox. To be with integrity, alignment, intelligence and illumination as they share the teachings of yoga to others. To stand up and have the ability to act with kindness, generosity and compassion to themselves, their loved ones and the universe that they all are living within and are grateful for the opportunity to be embodied in this lifetime. 


   Yoga of Life Mentorship is designed to weave acceptance with the deepening of relationship in all things. Relationship to the body, mind, emotions to name the main three areas; but even more are the relationships to our practices, to food, to sex, to money, to our habits/addictions. Most often we begin healing by bringing harmony and balance with relationship to self first. Relationships that are currently out of alignment with one's aims and life purpose.


   I provide the tools to build a bridge of communication for these relationships to co-exist and co-create from the inside out. Alchemizing and inspiring a yoga to grow the spaces in-between separation with love, self-acceptance, mindfulness, compassion and a deep knowing of your fullest potentials within the body.


   We often create separation within our minds and hearts in moments of suffering and often it is not in alignment with our actual reality, now. Yet these experiences continue to play out until we bring the power of our attention and offer healing or forgiveness within to start to bring union and connection to what is of value on the outside. Yoga brings things together, it's main purpose is absorption or samadhi and this can mean different things for different people. I honor unique differences and also hold the vision of oneness.


   Yoga of Life Mentorship offers a multidimensional tantric lens, much like a kaleidoscope of viewing the world spontaneously and dancing with life. I draw upon many traditional and relative philosophies, twenty years of teaching and life experiences with an intuitive gift and understanding of human nature and how to access one's potentials.  This program offers a way to work on oneself and to bring the attention inward in areas of managing the mind, emotions and actions that serve oneself first with kindness, awareness and compassion which in turn manifests on the outside. This work is intimate and provides a safe space to explore mentorship with supportive practices such as meditation, asana, pranayama, visualization and psychological techniques and methods.


  To inquire about these sessions, please write to me here..       


Describe your overall vision, what goals you wish to work on, how do you see yourself now in your relationship to self and others, and what do you want to gain from this mentorship? Some goals could be to improve your yoga teaching craft, enhance your skills and knowledge and continue your development both on and off the mat, especially following a yoga teacher training. For more information regarding this mentorship for teachers specifically, see the following program below for more details of what this can include. 

   Yoga of Life Mentorship is for anyone with a keen spirit who has a sincere desire to know more and use that knowledge to expand their 'beingness' within. The outward work will expand naturally, yet time and space is also provided to work on our relationships to others and the world around us.


Your investment: 

Package of 10 |  1 hour sessions | $900 CA | 700 Euro

1 hour session | $100 CA | 80 Euro


[Sliding scale to those who are in need and payment plans are available.]




More about Mentorship...

Working on a piece of art requires discipline and a creative intensity. Similarly, mentorship is a co-creation of artwork that is custom designed to facilitate self-awareness, self-expression and fuel the ever-changing expansion of what you love in life.


These ten sessions of individual attention allow for a unique experience to unfold in which you and I can work in an experimental and alchemical way on the content of yoga while being held in place by the much larger context of the yoga tradition and a common focus and intensity.


I offer my own lifelong commitment to the learning, practice, and study of yoga. I draw from the experiences of working with many respected yoga teachers and mentors from the Hatha, Ashtanga, Anusara, and Iyengar lineages. My own approach to teaching yoga has expanded greatly over the years and I have now taught several 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings. I have been mentoring yoga for seven years and have an extended background in counselling with a university degree in social work, psychology and gender studies.

Mentorship is for anyone. . .


For the yoga student and/or lifelong practitioner, mentorship can be the vehicle to inspire passion, light the fire, and sharpen goals as well as a means to understanding how to persevere through obstacles to achieve success and wellness. Beginner yoga students can benefit by building a foundation of practice and confidence, which then can lead to exploring more public yoga classes or a home practice. Intermediate or advanced students may wish to take their practices to the next level yet require some expertise and direction in the areas in which they want to deepen.


This also applies to yoga teachers with more emphasis on mastering and deepening the understanding of all facets of yoga. Mutually beneficial and reciprocal, mentorship evolves and enhances the quality or rather the expansiveness of consciousness. One of the main results of the focused work I’m offering is a refinement and growth in your teaching voice and inner knowing. You will gain authentic understanding of and teaching proficiency in:

  • yogasana

  • pranayama

  • alignment techniques

  • refined actions

  • verbal and hands on-assisting

  • effective cueing

  • biomechanics and anatomy

  • subtle systems of the body

  • creative sequencing

  • progressive teaching

  • multiple class levels

  • therapeutics and work with injuries


Moreover, I can help you refine your knowledge of philosophical concepts, myths, and spiritual traditions and guide you in practices such as meditation, concentration, working with emotions and mindfulness, relaxation techniques, self-observation, providing service on and off the mat to students, loved ones, and the larger yoga community. Connections and support in finding successful employment as a yoga teacher is available as well.


As a yoga teacher, sustaining one’s own practices is key to examining the relationship to self and others. Mentorship is a useful mirror to reflect the areas in which we can grow in and become more fully aware of ourselves. Meditation is an encouraged practice during the mentorship program to feed the digestion.


I am committed to providing useful and honest feedback and suggestions to unleash your own unique strengths and help you build a healthy body-mind and relationship to spirit.

Structure, cost, and getting started


The program includes ten one hour private sessions as well as email communication which may include submitting class plans/sequences and receiving feedback, homework assignments, study material, meditation, journaling and how to work with food or healthy lifestyle choices. One of the sessions can include coming to observe and give feedback to one of your yoga classes or submit a video of you teaching a yoga class or a private. It is also very useful to attend some of my public yoga classes to help assist or observe and take notes. I encourage you to take as many of my public classes as possible during the mentorship for your own practice and will often use this environment to emphasize teachings we are working on and demonstrate teaching skills that we are practicing together.


To enquire about the cost of the mentorship as well as payment options please use the contact form.


For the first session, we can meet to discuss your path and your goals and ask any questions. If you choose to commit, we will plan a program in detail to provide structure, however, I am very open to spontaneity and often find that as the process unravels many interesting under currents can surface and become beneficial in enriching your experience.



Shelley Tomczyk