Writing the Body | L'Ecriture Feminine: Yoga Retreat for Women Writers

7 nights | TBA
Menton, France on the Mediterranean Sea

Hélène Cixous first coined écriture féminine in her essay "The Laugh of the Medusa" (1975), where she asserts "woman must write her self: must write about women and bring women to writing, from which they have been driven away as violently as from their bodies."

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Writing the Body: Yoga Alchemy


In this unique sacred retreat for womyn, I share three of my favourite gems of living and invite you to join me to write, be in nature and practice yoga. 


In this story tale, held in exuberant beauty and warmth of the Mediterranean sea,

supported by the foothills of the French Alps^^^ we shall journey soulfully into the layers of a woman's space for bathing within consciousness, creative writing and yoga practice. 


In 1995, I graduated with a 'triple' major in psychology, gender studies and english literature.

In my studies, I was captivated by écriture féminine and was fortunate to meet and study with some of Canada's leading feminist writers.


Writing the body revealed to me what was always there in my writing as a child. Feeling finally unleashed and free to express, I am grateful for these womens' work and influence in my life. I continue to be drawn into the works of many stories and enjoy sharing, weaving and collaborating with womyn.

Writing the body is cutting through layers of truth, deconstructing form, logic, rules, projections, expectations and conformity. 


Within yoga, mediation and breath practices, one is free to surrender what is hidden and waiting there; opening up our mind-emotion-body to release the obstacles, rules and postures we place on ourselves. In yoga we draw from our own elixir of clarity, inner strength and vigilance that can be harnessed into the creative life, to create beauty and make 'more' of what is sacred from the inside out. 

Writing the body is twilight language, non-duel in its attempt, it includes the voices of woman whom are able to and lest we forget that there are so many more women who cannot have these same freedoms yet.


Mixing yoga as a pathway into writing will alchemize the chamber to express without restraint. In a safe space, you will retreat into a matriarchy of language, laughter and embrace the tastes of life that are not always available in your everyday.


A retreat is an important concentration of time to leave behind routine and what has turned you stagnant. You will know in reading this, if this kind of unique retreat speaks to the essence in you that must go and 'see' - too often this gets buried inside of us - the character of the adventurer who lives in the mystery.

This retreat is for the one who also needs the nourishing get-away from possible burnout and exhaustion! No matter the underlying reasons, there is always cause to pausing and tapping into what sparks creative purpose and comforts the soul.


We will be inspired and unpack carefully chosen philosophy, mythology, poetry and the sacred teachings of women's voices-writers, philosophers, feminists, and analysts.


We will not only be exposed to the fine tastes the region - French-Italian-Spanish influenced; but we shall explore Art from an objective view, art which is Alive and imprints the reader with something beyond ego, something that is never forgotten and serves universally.


In a diverse gathering of women, each individual's choices around their own writing and experiences are respected and appreciated. Anyone who resonates with being woman/womyn is welcome to attend this retreat upon meeting with Shelley. 

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Embrace on your retreat
 Included in retreat package:
Pre-retreat guidance & support 

​7 night accommodation 

Morning Chanting, Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama

Swim & Beach

 Writing sessions & Group Work: schedule changes to explore many moods of the night/day for writing 

Private Yoga | Support Sessions


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Travel to and from retreat location.

Breakfast | Lunch & Diner Service 

Massage and Spa Treatments 

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