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TBA in 2023


  The idyllic Menton, France hosts this 21 day teacher training.


Resting on the tailend of the French Riviera; known as the Côte-d’Azur, this old Spanish-Italian-French fishing village turned internationally famous, inspires a soulful journey to go within.  To bath in beauty and reflect that beauty from the inside out in your teaching and practices of yoga. 

If you ever wanted to come to one of France's best-kept secrets...

Menton's attractions include numerous exquisite and notable gardens, a selection of striking historical locations, and a museum and memorials dedicated to the influential French film director, designer, poet, author, artist – Jean Cocteau. 


Menton is the last stop along this celebrated coast before entering Italy.  As the ‘pearl’ of the Riviera, you will find a beautiful baroque cathedral, a fort and engaging museums, rare plants, flowers blooming and lemon trees draping upon characteristic bright lemon yellow, pink and orange townhouse walls.

The ancient Roman road via Rue Longue is famous along with many intriguing  entrances, stairways and tunnels some with stories of pirates lost treasures.


The mountainous foothills of the French Alps, necklace around Menton's charming splendor. A stable backdrop to the Mediterranean Sea and its healing and wild powers.


Bath in the Light and feed the full pallet with exquisite cuisine in France this Spring. A gift of Self-Love in this unforgettable luxury Retreat.


Safe & professional, this Teacher Training is open to all who have a 200-Hour training prerequisite or equivalency.


Held in supportive space for you to discover your own voice, creativity and transparency in the ancient and modern practices of yoga.


Teacher Training ~ This 300-Hour completes your 500-Hour Certification with Yoga Allaince

This 300-Hour Teacher Training synthesizes the most current artistic forms of yoga in the West with an appreciation of the roots of yoga within the Eastern traditions. Powerfully transformational on a personal level, this training builds an instrumental foundation of a harmonious alignment within. Understanding the application of advanced cueing of the asanas, sequencing and class design with skillful hands on assisting. You will successfully learn how to teach confidently a strong Hatha Vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, power and flow classes. You will understand clearly how yoga, the breath and meditation are engaged within your own subtle body-mind and emotional center and how to access your innate powers of transformation and teach from your own experiences. Tantra yoga is the underlying web which weaves through this training to bring a natural spontaneous creatrix to loving life, creating inner balance and wellness. 


The teaching curriculum covers an in-depth study and experiential investigation into the vast fields of yoga.


Learning the fundamentals from Beginner poses to expanded levels of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. 


Advanced sequencing strategies, teaching skillful with alignment principles, biomechanics and the instrumental breath.


How to use props, modifications to use for specific injuries and abilities.

 Application & Refinement of intelligent alignment techniques and teaching methodologies. 

Understand and express clear succinct articulation of verbal cues; apply hands-on-assisting.

How to provide asana variations both effectively and efficiently for all levels; express & understand the health benefits.

How to optimally teach key actions both active and passive with creative expression, diversity, voice techniques.

In-depth training in understanding yoga philosophy, mythology, psychology. 

Providing mentorship to students/teachers throughout the training for inspiration, individual practices and one-on-one sessions.

Building community and the importance of good company, business of yoga, ethics.

How to be more confident in voicing an understanding and articulation of yoga philosophy and history and how it applies to everyday life both on and off the mat. 

Teach a full class practicum and workshop to further develop your interests and passion for teaching in a specialized area that you wish to share.


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