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Evidently, Alexei had gone somewhere, because after a while Natasha called out:

Mom is leaving!

Together with the young lovers, we listened to a five-minute instruction, after which Nina left, very upset, of course

“See how good the guys are,” I said. - They pity the mother.

- Like this?

- They lied to her that her boyfriend left, but they could just say: “Mom, we killed him.”

- Stop yelling! - Igorek was already flying off the brakes. “These feats are already here for me!” So, so, now we go upstairs, we will twist the guy, we will interrogate, we will lock the girl in the toilet so that she does not interfere. I want to eat.

“And what does the girl in the toilet have to do with it?”

- What?

- Nothing. Have you forgotten how guns are simply handled in this house? You and I need a minimum risk, we simply can’t handle another. Let's wait a bit, we'll see.


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